The coaches show great positive attitudes, professionalism, drive, and determination. They genuinely care about my daughter’s progress and gave her encouraging, detailed feedback on how to improve. They show commitment to the club and the sport.

Caprice Parent, 2018

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  • Ages 4+

    Our adaptive programs allow athletes with disabilities to shine in the water. Our supportive environment allows athletes to build an extensive set of artistic swimming skills, stay active, and achieve success throughout the year at their many competitions. 


    Ages 4+

    Optimal for swimmers who are just learning the basic fundamentals of artistic swimming, this short term program goes over the basics of our sport.

  • Ages 4+

    Athletes ages 4-18 are able to get an introduction to the sport of artistic swimming while they refine their basic skills. Athletes get to participate in the Christmas and year-end water show! Take it one step further into our synchro school program that gets to attend a competition in April.

  • Ages 19+

    For all athletes ages 19+. A completely new class for all adults over 19 to come to the pool, get your cardio and strength exercise in, and hang out (upside down) with your teammates. Commit to the full year or get a 10-week punch card for any drop-in session you desire!

  • Ages 8+

    Athletes with a drive and passion to compete are able to compete in five competitions throughout the season in both the figure and routine events. Athletes refine their skill sets and get to dive deep into the fun of artistic swimming competition.

  • Ages 12+

    Our top of the province athletes are able to take their routines and compete them both provincially and nationally. This is a great program for dedicated athletes who love to compete, want to experience what national competitions are like and are determined to excel in the sport. 

  • Ages 19+

    Do you have a love for the sport of synchro? Our masters program allows athletes ages 19 and over to continue their careers in the sport. This program is perfect for athletes who want to stay fit, have a great time doing an activity with some great people and maintain their artistic swimming skills. 

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