Nutrition Recommendations for Artistic Swimming

                                                     Great nutrition can make a difference

                                                                      in performance

An effective nutrition plan is critical to the success of athletes at every stage of their development.

              Everyone is different and has different needs. Don’t compare to the other athletes.


  • CARBONHYDRATE: Best source of fuel for the muscles? Before, during and after performance.

  • PROTEIN: Building and repairing muscle, tissue, and boosting immunity

Put high quality protein choice at all meal and snacks ( meat, fish, nuts, milk, yogurt, bars with at least 10G of protein).



At training

  • High in carbonhydrates CHO, nutrient, accessible, easily digestible

  • Sufficient in CHO and protein, to optimize training performance.

  • Consideration to timing of meals and snacks

  • To help prevent GI upset, avoid large quantities of food, high fibre and gas procucing food ( raw vegetables for example)

Pre competition

  • Promote CHO availability

  • Promote well hydrated state

  • Availibility of familiar foods

  • Moderate protein and fat

  • Relatively high in CHO and fluids

  • Have planned snacks

Don’t test new restaurant or new food close to a competition


During competition

  • CHO should be available to substain blood sugar

  • Fluids should be available to avoid dehydratation

  • Athlete shoud consume CHO and fluids at fixed time intervals.

Pre event meal

  • Easy to digest

  • 500-1000 kcal

  • High in CHO

  • Low fat and fibre

  • Avoid gas forming food

  • Plenty of fluids

  • Familiar food


Post competition

Goals: Replenishment of fluids and muscle glycogen

Avoidance of excess muscle soreness


Recovery nutrition plan :

  • High quality protein choice

  • Nutrient rich, CHO foods with moderate high glycemic index, for muscle glycogene synthesis as well as prot choice.

Example of nutrient rich CHO and Proteine food:

Breakfast cereals with low fat milk

Hummus on toast

Fruit salad with yogurt

Bagel with peanut butter

Fruit smoothie

Low fat chocolate milk

Meat and vegetable stir fry with noddles

Sandwich with meat and salad


Fluids: Athletes must have water at training!

Most neglected essential nutrient, an athletes body is made of 60-75percent of water

Water is an excellent way to stay hydrated and replace fluids lost through sweat.

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